Our Response

A healthy global economy and a safe, prosperous world cannot happen without healthy, educated people whose basic rights are respected. Children’s education anchors on their healthcare, which also leverages heavily on their access to clean water.

World Vision seeks primarily to:

  • Increase funding for water and sanitation projects
  • Encourage countries around the world to adopt water as a human right


In our Area Development Programmes around the world, we actively build water pumps and cleaner sources of water for communities. Additionally, we tackle hygiene issues, often starting by introducing proper latrines and disposal methods to the communities.

During emergencies like floods and earthquakes, water purification sachets from corporate sponsors such as Procter & Gamble provide instant protection against simple waterborne diseases. Such measures enable people anywhere in the world to purify dirty water in a simpler, more affordable and convenient way.

How you can help?

You can play an important role in helping World Vision improve clean water access, and ensure good hygiene and sanitation in the poor and developing communities we are supporting.

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