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Spotlight: Solar power that brings water

For children struggling through dire thirst every day, hope has come in the form of an unlikely breakthrough innovation. Witness how the creative use of solar energy has transformed their entire lives for the better in the driest of lands.

1. How does solar power bring clean water to families? 2. What’s great about this method? 3. Is this sustainable? 4. How are children’s lives changed?
1. How does solar power bring clean water to families?
A borehole is built, and a solar-powered pump is attached to it. Pipes are then connected to this system, channelling water to every household in the community. For a community of 1,000 people, it costs about the same as what is required to for a traditional borehole with hand pumps, but with more benefits.
2. What’s great about this method?
A common way of providing clean water in the past was by providing a community with a hand-pumped borehole. This results in long wait times for water in communities of 1,000 people. The new method involves piping throughout the community so that every household has easy access to water.
3. Is this sustainable?
Using solar power means that we are using renewable green energy instead of expensive and less reliable diesel-powered pumps. This type of green energy approach is important to help address climate change, which is altering weather patterns in Africa and making subsistence farming more difficult than it already is.Under this approach, ownership of the water system belongs to the community, where World Vision teaches them to collect a fee from all households to pay for ongoing operation and maintenance. This moves the community towards self-reliance so they can stand on their own two feet.
4. How are children’s lives changed?
Children spend significantly less time fetching water, which frees up their time so they can go to school. Providing water closer to homes also reduces the chances for the water to be contaminated so that children are protected from water-borne diseases like diarrhoea, typhoid and more. Being in good health will also allow them to get the most out of school.

Quiz: Based on your water habits, which country are you likely to be living in?

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World Vision’s water projects are carried out after rigorous assessment, where the implemented water intervention is dependent on the geography and needs of a community. Explore the various methods by clicking on the icons below.

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Martinus Story

Water Brings Life


Water. They say when there is water, there is life. They say all living creatures need it to stay alive.Martinus is one of the children living in Ende ADP. There is a water tap close to his home but often times the water did not flow.

“When the water did not flow out at all, I had to look for water in a river 500 metres from here. After I brought it home, the water was then used by my family for drinking. As for the laundry, we did it directly at the river,” says Martinus.

The distance between his home and the river put Martinus at risk of getting into accidents. His mother admitted that she was often worried for her children but she did not have any other option because they had to bring water home.

Thankfully, all that is in the past, now that Martinus’ family can benefit from the newly constructed water pipeline. World Vision provided materials and funding, while collaborating with the local community who provided locally available materials like rocks, and who worked in accordance with an agreed upon schedule.

“My children are glad for this better access to clean water. One of the watertaps is located just behind my home and the water flows well,” says Martinus’ mother.

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  • That the needs of children with limited access to clean water will be heard and that support for them will pour in, so that they won’t suffer from dehydration and water-borne illnesses
  • For breakthroughs in water technology so that more children can have access to clean water as soon as possible
  • For communities who have received new water systems to be able to maintain them well, with training from World Vision, so that future generations will also have the gift of clean and safe water