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World Vision’s strategy encompasses what is known as the 4Ps approach:

  • Prevention

Reducing vulnerability through education in communities, and providing shelter and care for the victims

  • Protection

Re-integrating rescued victims into their community after they are repatriated, including protecting them from threats, violence, abuse, and providing physical and psychological care

  • Prosecution

Focusing on areas of law enforcement towards human trafficking profiteers

  • Policy

Holding the other 3Ps together, national policies are influenced by a country’s international obligations, national legislation, bilateral agreements, and most importantly, public opinion and lobbying

World Vision Singapore’s projects that directly help children in crisis:

1. Cambodia

–      Community Caring for Orphans & Vulnerable Children

This project is meant to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on orphans and vulnerable children in target areas in Cambodia. Through various support and development interventions, World Vision aims to improve their health and education.

–      Street Children Transformation Project

The main goal is to transform the lives of street children in Phnom Penh through various intervention activities like counselling, education, and life skills training.

2. China

–      Enhancement of Education Quality for Special Children in Northwest China

This is meant to enhance the capacities of Special schools, and raise the community awareness of children with special needs and acceptance of children with special needs.

3. Ethiopia

–      Care & Support for Orphans & Vulnerable Children in Yaya Gulale ADP

This project aims to improve the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children, as well as people living HIV/AIDS, through sustainable community-based care and various support mechanisms.

4. Thailand

–      Hope for Children in Crisis

This is a facility that promotes the emotional and physical well-being of street children and offers them necessary skills to lead a more empowered life.

5. Vietnam

–      Step Ahead Programme for Children in Crisis

The goal of this Programme to break the cycle of poverty, help the disadvantaged and vulnerable young people and their families, through various intervention activities that empower and/or educate them.

How you can help?

You can play a critical role in helping children in crisis get back on their own two feet again. Through the various programmes outlined above, you can help them regain their dignity and confidence, and most importantly, a future.

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