World Buddies Programme


Students who find it hard to afford $45 a month can now sponsor a child. World Buddies Programme is an affordable micro-child sponsorship programme specially for students in Secondary and Tertiary institutions. The pilot programme allows them to crowd fund and sponsor these needy children as a class/group. Children from poor communities will now have big brothers and sisters to write to them and keep abreast of the exciting transformation taking place in their communities.

The annual cost of sponsorship is $540. Shared amongst a class of 30 for instance, life changing transformation for a child amounts to $18 per student each year or about just 5₵ a day! Contributions will be made via phone collection/ online, which is hassle free.

Love is action! Take this opportunity today to provide an impoverished child with real help and real hope in the form of food, clean water, health care, education and an economic livelihood. Be an inspiration to these children by making a difference together with your friends.

To know more about this programme or how you can effect change, please contact Ms Kwan Hui Xian at or 6922 0115.