World Vision is calling all youths who desire to be change agents in making poverty history!

We work with schools, organisations and youths to raise global leaders who are aware of issues related to poverty and humanitarianism worldwide, and want to be empowered to make a difference in the world.

If you believe that your generation can bring about change, we invite you to join us in our fight against poverty and injustice. For a start, you can follow our youth social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook!

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Project HungerFree

Held on 15 July 2017, Project HungerFree was a youth festival with a difference that went behind the scenes of relief and development work! Participants heard from frontline field workers and found out what it really takes to achieve radical improvements in the lives of the poor. They came away armed with knowledge and a renewed commitment to kick-start change for a better world.

The fight against poverty isn’t over, so we won’t give up. Find out more at!

30 Hour Famine Camp

For more than 30 years in Singapore, youth aged 14 to 18 go without food for 30 hours, as a mark of solidarity against global issues of poverty, hunger and injustice. During the 30 Hour Famine Camp, which draws an average of 1,000 youth yearly, real life simulation activities shed light on global food security issues, and help develop critical thinking and global citizenry. The camp aims to educate and empower the future generation to take action for children in need worldwide.

If you are interested to organise your own DIY Famine Camp in your school, church, or among your families and friends, we would like to speak with you! We’ll walk alongside you all the way and can also provide you with the right support and resources.

Global Youth Network


If you desire to meet in a collaborative space to exchange ideas and organise events to advocate for the needy, join the Global Youth Network. You will also be trained to hone your advocacy skills and leadership potential.

Click here to find out more.

School Talks
Raise their understanding on global humanitarian issues. Invite World Vision to speak at your school assembly and other youth gatherings that you may be organising. We strive to empower youths to fight poverty and be good global citizens.

Love Loaf

A coin bank that symbolises life-giving bread for those in need; it can be filled with loose change as a class or with a group of friends, and returned to World Vision when it is full.

Youth Internship
Our interns gain significant humanitarian knowledge and professional development opportunities, and a chance to effect change in needy communities worldwide through their leadership, advocacy, writing and speaking skills. We welcome those with a passion for underserved children, a flair for speaking/singing/event management and marketing – basically those ready to help impoverished children around the world.

Email to find out more.

Child Sponsorship & World Buddies Programme

Students who find it hard to afford $45 a month to sponsor a child can now do so by combinining resources with friends! The World Buddies Programme is an affordable micro child sponsorship programme specially for students in Secondary and Tertiary institutions. It allows youth to crowdfund and sponsor needy children as a class/group. Children from poor communities will now have big brothers and sisters to write to them and keep abreast of the exciting transformation taking place in their communities.

The annual cost of sponsorship is $540. Shared amongst a class of 30 for instance, life changing transformation for a child amounts to $18 per student each year or about just 5₵ a day! Contributions can be made online or by cash in person.

Love is action! Be an inspiration to these children by making a difference together with your friends.

To know more about this programme or how you can effect change, please contact Ms Kwan Hui Xian at or 6922 0115.

Visit the Child Sponsorship page to find out more about how children can receive real help and real hope in the form of food, clean water, health care, education and an economic livelihood.


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