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Children are the future. But what future awaits our children? Will they live in a world where poverty is eradicated? Or will they live in a world where injustice is rampant and no one is doing anything about it?

To create a better world for all children, important values like empathy, gratitude, love and justice can be and should be nurtured from young. World Vision curates a wide variety of child-friendly events, suitable for all age groups, to engage young children and their parents.

Besides raising global citizens who contribute positively to society, relationships are strengthened as you experience meaningful activities as a family and spend time together. To get involved, view our past events or check out our upcoming activities.

For more information on partnering with World Vision on educational, values-driven and child-friendly events, please contact Ms Kwan Hui Xian at huixian.kwan@worldvision.org.sg or 6922 0115.