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Jerusalem West Bank Gaza – South Hebron ADP

Background of South Hebron

World Vision began working in the Holy Land in 1975, serving the poor and marginalised, especially children.

To empower communities for independence from relief and structural aid while building a better understanding of sustainable development, World Vision began providing assistance to Palestinian groups, supporting education and rehabilitation projects.

A significant milestone was reached when World Vision launched its Area Development Programmes (ADPs) in 1999, within a cluster of villages, driven by needs of that specific community.

Basic services and infrastructure are severely lacking in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank in terms of size and population, was identified as one of the poorest governorates, with the worst water supply situation. Communities are vulnerable to water-related diseases as sewage and sanitation infrastructure is largely not available. Healthcare facilities in most villages are almost non-existent.

The comparatively arid climate in the southern parts of Hebron exerts tremendous stress on the largely agricultural-dependent livelihoods of the people, propounding the communities in the area as most vulnerable.

The educational environment is poor. Furthermore, some children are forced to walk for at least ­ve kilometres just to attend classes because the schools are located very far away from their homes. In some cases, classrooms are composed of tents. The hygiene facilities in most of the schools are very poor, thus placing added pressure on the students’ health.

Children in a considerable percentage of poor families are exploited in the labour force especially in livestock rearing. Many children in the area are also exploited by some small businesses to help carpenters and blacksmiths or are made to work in building blocks factories. Children are exposed to violence and abuse within the family, school and community.

In addition to its development work, Word Vision advocates for a just and comprehensive peace living condition between Palestinians and Israelis so that all can live in peace and prosperity.

Map of South Hebron

South Hebron Profile

Land Area:
Total Population:
Direct Beneficiaries:
Project Lifespan:
Project Budget:
542,593 persons
16,947 persons
15 years (2009-2024)

For more information on the community and World Vision’s intervention, download detailed project/ADP profile (in PDF).

Project Goals

The overall goal of South Hebron ADP is to enhance livelihood security at the household level through various integrated development interventions.

Key Challenges in South Hebron ADP

Absence of structures relating to well-being of children: health, education and child protection
Lack of food security and livelihood opportunities
Lack of capacity and sensitisation of local institutions and community-based organisations regarding
critical issues such as child labour and discrimination committed against vulnerable children
Environmental degradation resulting in water and soil pollution


How You Can Help

Sponsor a child from Jerusalem West Bank Gaza (South Hebron) today! By sponsoring a child, you give the gift of life’s basic needs – specifically food, clean water, healthcare, economic opportunities and education – to him/her so that he/she can overcome poverty for good!

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